On this page we will place any photographic record we may have of recent events.
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Newport Philharmonic Choir concert

Night Shelter

Noye's Fludde   -   Opera in the Cathedral

To kick off with, some of the photos taken during the USW Students' Photo Exhibition held at the Cathedral December 12-13th 2015

You can click here to see the Exhibition Leaflet





The Newport Philharmonic Choir performed Rossini's 'Petite Messe Solennelle'
in the Cathedral in October 2016  -  the first time they have used this venue
for one of their major annual concerts



April 2017, the Nightshelter Volunteers gathered for a group photoshoot   -   and then queued for tea and buns outside the Cathedral Hall
used, during the winter, to house our Nightshelter guests.

June 2017   Opera in the Cathedral   -   'Noye's Fludde' by Benjamin Britten

Here is a selection of the many photographs of the fantastic performance of Britten's 'Noye's Fludde'  (Noah's Flood)
held in the Cathedral on the evenings of 16th and 17th June. This was a wonderful collaboration between musicians
from several music groups, choristers of the Cathedral Choir, St John's Maindee choir, children from the Gaer Primary School,
parents and helpers  -  all under the direction of Emma Gibbins, Musical Director of the Cathedral.


Emma Gibbins prepares to get the performance under way   -    Noah (Karl Daymond) hears the Voice of God (Dean Lister Tonge!)


Noah's sons and their wives build the Ark    -    and are ready to set forth


God has announced that animals will come with them, and they are welcomed aboard   -  chanting as they come  'Kyrie, Kyrie, Kyrie Eleison'


Mrs Noah and her gossips prefer to stay ashore  -  to drink, and mock Noah's fantasy about a flood.....


Mrs Noah refuses to come aboard, until forcibly persuaded by her sons   -   the storm follows, waves dash the Ark, everybody joins in 'Eternal Father, strong to save'


The crew, and the animals, plead for their survival  -   and finally an exhausted sleep falls on them as the storm abates


Noah sends out a white dove, to see if there is land showing above the waters   -   and she returns with an olive branch  -  'This is a sign of peace'


Noah gives thanks for their deliverance, the rainbow rises, the sun, moon and stars appear


Applause from the cast as the musicians take their bow   -   and Emma Gibbins takes a well-deserved ovation from the packed Cathedral audience.