Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

Ceremonies at the Cathedral may be Baptisms, Weddings or Funerals.

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From the earliest days of the Christian Church, Baptism has been the way in which people become Christians and members of the Church. Baptism marks the start of our journey of Faith. Like most Anglican parish churches, the Cathedral's policy is willingly to baptise people who live in the Cathedral parish or those who are regular worshipping members of the Cathedral congregation.

Baptism has sometimes been thought of as a spiritual insurance policy or an inoculation against going to hell, and was often sought out of fear and superstition. In the Church in Wales, Baptism is now understood as the first step on a lifelong journey of Christian Faith. It looks forward to the development of a person's relationship with a loving God through membership of the Christian Church.

It requires of those bringing children for baptism a commitment to regular worship and Christian living, a willingness to learn more about prayer and Christian Faith. That welcome therefore makes most practical sense in the church where the child and family are (or are going to be) regular worshippers, and where participation and involvement will most naturally grow. That is normally in their home parish or a church nearby.

Adults who have not previously been baptised will be prepared for Baptism and Confirmation. Confirmation marks the point when those who have been baptised affirm for themselves the Faith into which they were baptised, and thus deepen their commitment to the path of Christian discipleship.

Baptisms usually take place at 12.30 pm on a Sunday.



The Cathedral is a wonderful setting for a Marriage. However, like any Anglican parish church, the Cathedral is required to observe certain legal rules when it comes to marriages.

Those who live in the Cathedral parish are entitled to be married here and people whose names are on the Cathedral Electoral Roll by virtue of having worshipped here regularly for at least six months can also be married here. The Electoral Roll option is not intended to be a way of getting you to come to church, nor a way for you to get round the rules. It is hoped that by worshipping here regularly, you would become part of the community for the long term, in which case it would make perfect sense to be married in what would by then have become 'your' church.

If you decide to use the Electoral Roll option, we do not start discussing wedding dates until the six month period is complete. The only other option is an Archbishop's Special Licence. This is a more rarely used route for people who have a strong personal association with the Cathedral, but who for some good reason cannot fulfil the other criteria. It involves making an application with the Cathedral's support, to the Archbishop of Canterbury's Faculty Office. We are willing to support the application of someone who for instance might have been a member of the Cathedral choir as a youngster.

Marriage preparation is offered to people being married at the Cathedral, but we are unable to offer preparation to people being married elsewhere. If one or other of you has been married before, your situation will be considered in a personal interview, following the guidelines provided by the Church in Wales. Even if you do not qualify to be married in the Cathedral, you are of course entitled by residence to be married in your local parish church.

Enquiries are welcome from people wishing to discuss the possibility of a service of thanksgiving following a civil marriage or the celebration of an anniversary.



A funeral marks the close of a human life on earth. It is the opportunity for family and friends to share their grief, to give thanks for the life which has now completed its course through this world and to commend the person into God's keeping.

Funerals at the Cathedral may be quite small and quiet with only a few family members present or occasions of great solemnity with music and ritual. The Cathedral is available for the funeral services of people who live in the Cathedral parish or who are regular worshippers here. A Funeral Director should be contacted in the first instance, who will then liaise with the Cathedral about arranging the funeral service.

The cremated remains of people who have had a strong personal link with the Cathedral may be buried in the Cathedral Churchyard.Also, Memorial services can be arranged in the Cathedral.