Art Exhibitions


Whilst the Cathedral itself is bursting with art in various forms, we also encourage new art to pay us a visit. Newport Cathedral offers excellent lighting and open spaces which can facilitate a vibrant programme of art exhibitions. The building has easy access and can provide an ideal setting for display. The Cathedral has been the setting for a number of very popular Summer Exhibitions by local amateur painters, and we look forward to continuing this tradition.

Art & The Cathedral

We are proud to say that we try to engage with modern day cutting edge art to present ever-changing and captivating displays. The peaceful and charming interior provides an inspiring setting for art exhibitions where creativity from the past embraces art from the present. 


if you would like to hire the Cathedral for your Exhibition, contact the Cathedral Administrator

The ARRT Duo

Alison and Rob Taylor, the ARRTDUO, are two local artists whose work has on occasion been placed in the entrance to the Cathedral. Their intention is to share different pieces with us from time to time. The spiritual quality of their poetry is illustrated by their art, in sculptural forms, ceramics, wood and glass.

Explore the hidden story
Walk the shrouded path
Share our wrought emotions
The tools that shape our work

These four lines of poetry are the essence of their work.


Art Gallery

Newport Cathedral