These quilts were made in workshops by community groups just before the first lockdown
We are very proud of the work the groups did in creating these images.
For us in these times it is important to think of communities and how they are bonded together by sets of common values and aspirations.
The quilts represent the hope and pride of each community group and represent a coming together with a common objective.
As we all feel the strains of isolation and separation brought upon on us by the Covid virus, we think sharing the common outpouring of exuberance represented in these quilts gives us all a glimpse of what we have to look forward to when the restrictions are lifted and our communities can meet up again.
The Cefn quilt reflects the community’s view of the positive things they see in the place where they live and what makes it attractive to the world around them.
The smaller quilt was made by a Prince’s Trust group who used the workshop to illustrate the aspirations they had for the future.
Together they represent two different views of the world, that give us an insight into the respective communities.
What they have in common is the use of art to tell a story in a way that is dramatically different and that invites the viewer to share their experience.

Newport Cathedral