Donating and Regular Giving

Ways that you can help and support the work and fabric of the Cathedral

Donating and Giving to the Cathedral

Needless to say, the Church’s ministry has not ceased because the church building is closed from time to time.  And, alas, bills will not greatly diminish whilst the doors are closed since major payments, such as Ministry Share to the Diocese, still have to be paid.

By far the easiest way to contribute is by the Church in Wales monthly Direct Giving arrangement.  Once you have set it up, the payment goes automatically each month directly to the Cathedral or to St Martin’s, as the case may be.  More importantly, Gift Aid is automatically recouped and also paid monthly to the church you have designated.  This saves a lot of work for our (voluntary) Gift Aid secretary and also keeps the income stream regular.  We really would encourage you to move to this way of contributing if you don’t already use it.  You can change the amount you give at any time, of course.

Please see below for a choice of ways in which you can make one-off donations, or continue in your usual practice of regular giving.

                 Make a Donation
                       Click here


  • Donating online –  Click on the image above
  • Cheque :  please send ‘c/o The Churchwardens, The Deanery, 105 Stow Hill, NP20 4ED’
  • GoodBox  –  our in-house Contactless terminal when the Cathedral re-opens!

Ways you can Donate


  • Church-in-Wales Direct Giving scheme : Click here to download the leaflet and form
  • Set up your own Standing Order : if you prefer to give direct to the Cathedral, please click here to contact the Administrator for Bank details etc.
  • Envelope Scheme :  If you wish to continue with this, and you usually place cash in the envelopes, please save them up until ‘normality’: DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE POST.
    Cheques in your envelopes can be sent ‘c/o The Churchwardens, The Deanery, 105 Stow Hill, NP20 4ED’
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