St Dunstans

Our Special Partnership With Highveld Diocese

Our Link - the back story

The Diocese of Monmouth has established a link with the Diocese of the Highveld, just west of Johannesburg in South Africa. The idea of a link was being explored by Archbishop Rowan Williams and the late Bishop David Beetge (of Highveld), when Archbishop Rowan translated to Canterbury. Bishop Dominic Walker (of Monmouth) found himself sitting next to Bishop David at the enthronement in Canterbury Cathedral. They introduced themselves and decided to talk about the link, into which they formally entered in 2003. St Dunstan’s Cathedral in Benoni was linked with Abergavenny. However, following the death of David Beetge and the retirement of Dominic, it was decided that the cathedrals of Newport (St Woolos) and St Dunstan’s should be linked with each other.

Musical Connections

A five-year extension was arranged between Bishop David Bannerman and Bishop Richard Pain at the latter’s enthronement in St Woolos in October 2013. Daily prayers are said, for our Link, at Morning Prayer, and there is a special link service every year in November. The current Bishop is the Rt. Rev.Charles May, elected in 2015.

Both Cathedrals have strong choirs and, with appointments of new Musical Directors in both parishes, hopefully, we can exchange music. A CD of the Benoni Choir has recently been received.

The top of page picture shows three youngsters who were admitted to Holy Communion in May 2016 – Joaquin Kana and Lesedi and Bokang Ramano.

Our Link - now and into the future

In 2022 we were paid a visit by Bishop Charles, with his wife Tebogo, who were in the UK to attend the Lambeth Conference, The Diocese of the Highveld is involved in life-changing projects, especially supporting those in food-poverty and in need of early-years education. From here we are able to support them with donations, as well as prayer. Occasional trips have been organised for members of this Diocese to visit St Dunstan’s and the Highveld.

Newport Cathedral