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David P Carroll
06 Jan 21 02:59pm

Lord Jesus Christ.
Every morning I stop
And pray to the Lord
Jesus Christ every day
And he's my Lord and my Savior in life
And he's inside my heart day and night
And just listen to him beat
He's smiling away beating
Inside my heart every day
And I love the Lord Jesus Christ
So much in life
And he's forever inside my heart and
It's where he'll stay forever
Beating inside my heart every day.

Lesley And Robert
28 Dec 20 07:01pm

For Carol and Neil at this difficult time at the loss of a loved one.

20 Dec 20 10:15am

Please pray for my brother, having thoughts of ending his life. That he finds some peace of mind and has less anger in him.

19 Dec 20 07:38pm

Thinking of your family today. They are in our prayers .

13 Dec 20 03:43am

Pray for the lord to look after my parents and brother and sister and pray to my grandparents that i dearly miss that up in heaven with the lord that i love you all xx

Louise Joloza
06 Dec 20 11:47am

God's love, guardianship and guidance for my family. God's wisdom for our politicians and lawmakers. God's blessing on our cathedral family, especially this festive season.

Robert And Lesley
23 Nov 20 09:54pm

Pray for the repose of the soul of Brian who passed away this morning. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Lindsay & Martin
22 Nov 20 11:40am

For Zoey who we miss more than words can say and will be missing from our home this Christmas. Till we meet again our hearts are with you always xxx

Kath Samuel
21 Oct 20 12:39pm

Lord’s Prayer for mum who passed away last night. My mum and her grandchildren - Bailey Oakley Lilli-Mae Lexi-Grace Samuel rip mum love you always xxx❤️

03 Oct 20 03:35pm

Please pray for my friend Nicola who has had the toughest 12 months. She has fought so hard and with such grace since a devastating diagnosis and has remained a light in the life of all her wonderful family. Please give her strength, healing and peace as she fights on.

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