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25 Nov 21 10:34pm

May Bubby come home safe and well, and may Bubby stay home safe and well.

Lesley Cornelius
21 Nov 21 10:26am

Stay safe during your time in hospital.xxxx

19 Oct 21 06:14pm

For our beautiful granddaughter Zoe Rose

David P Carroll
22 Aug 21 03:04pm

We'll stop and pray
For the sick and suffering
Today and we'll light a
Candle tonight and pray
For the sick and
Suffering every day in life
Amen Lord Jesus Christ.

19 Jun 21 11:37pm

My friend J who is an abuse survivor and struggles to love and be loved. May J find healing and peace through his faith in God.

Lesley And Robert
09 May 21 11:58am

For our friend whose mother has just passed away, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Jonathan Williams
10 Apr 21 04:36pm

Praying for Her Majesty the Queen on the death of her husband, Prince Philip. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Patricia Phillips
08 Apr 21 02:38pm

For Michael Bolder, with terminal cancer, and his beloved wife, Barbara Bolder and their family

Gwyneth Hall
26 Mar 21 11:44pm

Peace and strength

Petra Sheppard
21 Feb 21 10:27am

I light a candle for my parents who I lost in recent times. I miss their love, guidance and selfless natures. I pray you will surround their grandchildren and family always. I also pray you will bring bundles of joy to my daughters who are eager to start their own families.I know you are with us always, much love xxxxx

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