Virtual Cathedral

PLEASE NOTE:  This page is not in use, as so much of Cathedral Services and Worship is returning to normal.

Current details can be found by clicking here

Until the Cathedral is fully open.....

The cathedral is now open for Sunday Eucharist at 10.30 well as for private prayer and meditation during the week. The Sunday service will be streamed live.  On this Virtual Cathedral page we will continue to bring you the links for Services and Sunday Notices and Readings, as well as any other useful information as soon as we get it.  We hope these might bring a slight sense of normality to a topsy-turvey world, and a comforting familiarity by keeping you in touch with the clergy and others.

Trinity Icon  –  Andrei Rublev 1425

....or have a quiet time with God

Silence before God has little to do with achieving but a great deal to do with receiving.

Let nothing disturb you.
Let nothing frighten you.
All things are passing.
God alone remains.
Patience wins all it seeks.
Whoever has God lacks nothing that matters.
God alone is enough.

– A prayer of St Teresa of Avila

Newport Cathedral